Task Force Golan - Op Danaca



    1. Role.

      In general terms, the role of Ops is to ensure the operational readiness and supervise continuous training of LOGBATT Camp Ziouani for security affairs and to act as a point of contact to UNDOF HQ and the other battalions on all operational matters and external taskings of LOGBATT resources.

    2. Organization.

      The Operations Cell is organized as follows:

        a. Ops O - Capt (Cbt Arms)

        b. Ops 2IC - Sgt (Cbt Arms)

        c. Ops Clk - MCpl (Admin)

        d. Trg NCO - MCpl (Cbt Arms)

    3. Tasks.

      LOGBATT Ops tasks are:

        a. Operation Readiness:

          (1) Rotation training every three months - approximately half of LOGBATT's personnel strength is rotated back to Canada; and

          (2) New personnel come from wide and diversified backgrounds, they must be briefed and trained on many aspects, thus Ops is responsible for maintaining training directives that will ensure everyone is brought up to a standard as quickly as possible.

        b. Logistics Coordination Cell (LCC) operation. The LCC is responsible for receiving all Second Line taskings for LOGGBATT. The tasks are filtered, coordinated and forwarded to the appropriate Platoon/Troop for completion.

        c. Continuation training includes the following areas:

          (1) Small arms training;

          (2) Training of rapid response groups (RRG) teams;

          (3) Area of Separation (AOS) familiarization;

          (4) NBCD training, and oversee first aid, comms, mine awareness, map using, pers and veh searches;

          (5) OP and sentinel drills, recognition of veh and insignia;

          (6) Physical training and fire fighting training programs; and

          (7) Exercises and improvement of camp defenses.

        d. Administration:

          (1) AOS crossing lists,

          (2) Ops center/Duty center,

          (3) liaison with Israeli authorities, HQ UNDOF and other battalions on ops matters,

          (4) control and issue of maps,

          (5) issue travel advisory/travel restrictions, and

          (6) process necessary documentation for travel outside of mission area.

    4. Ops Personnel Responsibilities:

      Ops O

        a. LCC operations,
        b. AOS crossing management,
        c. Exercises, and Camp defense and security,
        d. Unit training;
        e. Command and train the RRG;
        f. Intelligence gathering;
        g. Supervising officer of the Shooting Club;
        h. Unit Security Officer; and
        i. LO Duties with other UNDOF contingents, UNTSO, Host Nation authorities and others on operational matters and as directed by the CO.

      Ops 2IC

        a. Assist the Ops O in his duties and Ops Clk as required;
        b. Conduct weapons training for all new draft pers, and continuation training;
        c. Oversee the daily function of the Gate Guard during normal working hours;
        d. Maintain the rifle and range shack;
        e. Conduct daily Ops brief for the Duty WO and Duty MCpl;
        f. Act as Range Safety Officer (RSO) for range training and the Shooting Club;
        g. Qualify Camp RSO's as required;
        h. RRG 2I/C and responsible for the training and readiness of the RRG; and
        i. Any other duties as directed by the Ops O.

      Training NCO

        a. Understudies apply the Ops Sgt duties in his absence and assist the Ops Clk as required;
        b. Conduct weapons training for all new draft pers and continuation training;
        c. Instruct on all operational matters based on the Land Forces Command Warrior Training;
        d. Develop and update lesson plans held by Ops;
        e. Maintain the rifle and range shack,
        f. Section Comd in the RRG and help the Ops 2IC for the training; and
        g. Supervise Ops out buildings.

      Operations Clerk

        a. Process all types of AOS crossings;
        b. Initiate packing lists to transport material through the AOS;
        c. Process entry/exit permits for members and dependents arriving and departing Syria;
        d. Process travel assist letter applications for members traveling in Syria;
        e. Process Jordan crossing requests and process applications & distribution of orange cards.
        f. Prepare war diary entries;
        g. Prepare all sitreps, reports & returns as required;
        h. Maintains Ops files for OPSCEN and Ops O;
        i. Provides switchboard facilities linking all sections via a local and an international network;
        j. Maintains key access register for all buildings in Camp Ziouani; and
        k. Any other duties assigned by the Ops O.

      LCC NCO

        a. Operate & maintain the LCC;
        b. Ensure all communication equipment is operational;
        c. Receive, filter and issue all second line taskings;
        d. Track all second line tasks through to completion; and
        e. Any other duties as assigned by the Ops O.

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